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Advice and Information for Expatriates Looking to Settle in Qatar

Qatar is a sought-after destination for companies aiming to expand their businesses in the Middle East. With its consistently growing economy, this country and its appealing capital, Doha, offer great opportunities for individuals seeking a new professional life abroad. Grospiron Mobility Solutions shares its advice to help you succeed in your expatriation to Qatar.

Administrative Procedures for Working in Qatar

Similar to any expatriation, working in Qatar requires foresight. A work visa is mandatory, and it’s your employer who must apply for it. Several documents are necessary to compile your visa dossier, and they may vary based on the profession:

  • Passport copy;
  • Copies of diplomas;
  • Medical fitness certificate: a medical examination is mandatory to obtain a work visa.

This visa allows entry into the country, but you also need a residency permit, for which you must apply and provide supporting documents.

If you wish to have your family accompany you in your expatriation, there are conditions to meet, particularly in terms of income and sponsorship to obtain a family residence visa.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions can assist you with these administrative procedures with the government. Whether you’re an HR manager, an employee, or an independent worker, we can offer you personalized assistance.

Finding Accommodation in Qatar

Initially, from France, we recommend creating a list of your housing criteria:

  • Budget: how much can you allocate for monthly rent, utilities, etc.?
  • Location: what area are you looking for? A Doha neighborhood, a municipality near the capital, or elsewhere in Qatar?
  • Size: studio or apartment? Multiple bedrooms needed? For an apartment in Doha, expect around €1,000 for a studio and between €2,000 and €3,000 for a 2-bedroom. Rents decrease as you move away from Doha.
  • Commute time by car between work, schools, and home: note that since the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Doha’s metro system has significantly expanded.

Doha has several neighborhoods and municipalities favored by expatriates.

  • West Bay, north of downtown Doha, hosts international companies, French schools, and public administrations.
  • Al Sadd, east of Doha, is considered the city’s most traditional neighborhood.
  • Al Dafna, on the seaside, is mainly a business center with numerous skyscrapers and luxury villas.
  • North of Doha, The Pearl, an archipelago of artificial islands, features luxury hotels, residences, and high-end shops.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions can provide customized assistance to find housing and the most suitable neighborhood. We can help you integrate into an installation assistance program managed by one of our consultants on-site.

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Organizing Your Move to Qatar

Regardless of the duration of your expatriation in Qatar, planning the move should start several months before settling into the new home.

Estimating the Volume to Move

Initially, we recommend estimating the volume of your belongings you wish to transfer to Qatar. Moving is an opportunity to declutter—consider selling, donating, or recycling furniture, appliances, clothes, books, etc.

If you want to retain furniture in France and need storage, we offer storage solutions meeting security standards and various storage duration needs.

Contacting Professional Movers

For moves to Qatar, transfer modes can be maritime or aerial. We advise contacting professional movers specializing in moves to the country.

Compare quotes to find the most suitable solution for your move. Don’t forget to inquire about various services such as:

  • Packaging, especially for fragile items and furniture;
  • Complete transfer from your old residence to your new home in Qatar;
  • Installation of your belongings in the rooms of your choice;
  • Possibly, furniture assembly.

Request Comprehensive Assistance for a Move to Qatar

If moving worries you, we can manage it for you, from A to Z. From the technical visit to your current home to installation at your new address in Qatar, our proposals align with your specifications.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions has nearly 30 years of experience in international moving. With our extensive consultant network worldwide, we can assist in your expatriation, regardless of your destination.