Everything you need to know about group moving

Do you only have a few belongings to move to France or abroad?
Do you want to benefit from competitive pricing and reduce your carbon footprint?
We certainly have an option for you.

What is group moving?

Group moving or group moving is, as its name suggests, the possibility of grouping the moves of several clients and then transporting them together, to a common city, region or country.

It is an economical, practical and ecological solution, rather suited to small or medium-sized moves with slightly longer delivery times. Thus, thanks to the groupage system it is entirely possible to organize your move while benefiting from complete support and quality service while making substantial savings on the cost of transport.

Transporting the personal effects of several clients in the same vehicle allows you to distribute the costs related to transport according to the volume occupied by each and thus, to reduce the price of the move. By using professional movers, you will benefit from the assistance and quality packaging necessary for your move to go smoothly.

Reduced ecological impact

Moving while reducing your environmental impact has become a major concern for the preservation of our planet. At Grospiron Mobility Solutions, we firmly believe in implementing sustainable practices, and choosing groupage as a moving method is in line with this vision.

The advantages of moving in groupage

Just like carpooling, which is today a method that is as ecological as it is economical, group moving is also a more environmentally friendly and less expensive option than individual moving.

Do you want to move using a professional while controlling your budget as best as possible? So if your organization allows it and by calling on a good professional, moving in groupage is probably for you!

Let’s prepare together
your mobility project

Constraints to take into account during a group move

Choosing to carry out your group move to benefit from a better price implies taking into account certain constraints.

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