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Everything You Need to Know About Moving Allowances

Several moving aids have been established to facilitate professional mobility in France and abroad. Depending on the employer, they can take the form of reimbursement or even full coverage. There are also organizations that, under certain conditions, provide a grant or a loan to employees in professional mobility. Grospiron Mobility Solutions informs you about these different aids to ease your move.

Professional Mobility and Moving

You’ve just received your job transfer to another city or to the other side of the world? Your company wants you to join another team abroad? It’s time to think about your move, budget it, and organize it step by step.

Between choosing the mode of transportation, the number of miles to cover, the volume of your personal belongings to transfer, moving can represent a significant cost. But as an employee in the private or public sector, you probably have the right to a moving allowance.

What is a Moving Allowance?

It’s a financial aid intended to cover, entirely or partially, your moving expenses. The conditions for eligibility, the amount, and the payment methods may vary depending on the companies.

Amount of a Moving Aid

The amount of a moving allowance is often conditioned by various elements:

  • the recipient’s income: there are income ceilings to respect. If the income is high, the aid may be lower;

  • the family situation of the beneficiary (the number of children, if the partner also benefits from a moving aid, etc.);

  • the volume (in m3) of goods to be moved;

  • the number of miles between the old and new residence.

Expenses Eligible for Financial Aid

Depending on the nature of the allowance, eligible expenses may include, for example:

  • all or part of the services offered by a professional mover;

  • the rental of a moving vehicle;

  • fuel costs;

  • transportation costs for furniture or baggage.

Payment Methods for a Moving Allowance

The moving aid can be deposited into the beneficiary’s account or directly to the service providers. Your employer or the organization granting you aid may ask for several quotes and for you to choose the cheapest provider.

The aid can be given as an advance. However, in most cases, it is paid after the move and upon presentation of receipts, which are usually paid invoices.

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Moving Allowances Granted by Employers

In the private sector, to benefit from a moving allowance from your employer, your company must have established a collective agreement or a salary agreement. We advise you to contact the human resources department of your company to know the conditions. Note that agreements and conventions may also provide for granting leave for moving.

In the public sector, the professional transfer of an agent entitles them to partial coverage of their moving expenses. They can also benefit from one or more specific days off. The new administrative residence must be in another municipality and lead to a change in family residence. Under certain conditions, moving within the same municipality can be covered if the agent leaves or moves into an official residence.

Allowances Granted by Other Organizations

Action Logement offers employees specific assistance for moving. Until 2023, the Mobili-Pass program aimed to facilitate mobility and access to rental housing.

  • This program is reserved for employees of private-sector companies with 10 or more employees.

  • To apply for assistance from Action Logement, you must be able to justify the need to move more than 70 km or more than an hour away from your home.

  • There are income and housing conditions to meet.

  • The amount of aid depends on the geographical area of the new residence.

  • The aid is provided as a loan or grant. It is conditional on the submission of documentation.

Note: the program may not be renewed in 2024 due to insufficient funds. However, Action Logement is looking to introduce new aids for professional mobility. It is therefore advisable to contact an Action Logement advisor for more information.

CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales) provides specific assistance to families with 3 or more children. To be eligible, you must also receive APL (personalized housing assistance) or ALF (family housing allowance).

Each department in France has a Social Housing Fund (FSL). The organization can provide financial assistance to cover installation expenses in a new home, including moving costs. The eligibility conditions are specific to each department. We therefore advise you to contact your departmental FSL.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions can assist you with your professional mobility and move. Whatever your professional situation, an employee directly supported by your employer, receiving reimbursement or a flat-rate allowance, a private individual who responded to a local job offer, we help you organize your move and facilitate your settlement.