International Moving

Tips for Organizing an International Move

Moving is a critical step for anyone looking to expatriate and start a new job abroad. The key to navigating it stress-free is anticipation. Grospiron Mobility Solutions advises you on organizing your move effectively, regardless of the host country.

Anticipating Administrative Formalities for a Successful Relocation

The procedures for working abroad are among the first steps to take. Missing a deadline for a form and your move gets delayed. This could have a significant negative impact on your personal and professional life: a kind of domino effect! To avoid this pitfall, we recommend establishing a schedule of tasks to be done, in the form of a retroplanning, to ensure you can work in your future host country.

Conditions can vary greatly from one country to another. Sometimes, a work visa is sufficient. In some cases, you need to enroll in a specific program, take language tests, etc. The timelines will not be the same; they can range from a few weeks to several months. It’s better to gather information in advance.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions can guide you through administrative procedures, regardless of your destination. Over the past 30 years, we’ve built a network of consultants worldwide. We can inform you about the latest formalities to undertake and provide personalized advice.

Seek Assistance with Installation

Once entry procedures are initiated, start gathering information about your host country for your settlement.

  • Research information about the neighborhoods in the city where you wish to settle.

  • Comparing rent amounts will help you shortlist properties to visit.

  • Learn about the requirements in your host country to prepare a rental dossier (information requested by the landlord, home insurance, deposit, guarantor, etc.).

  • You’ll likely need to open a bank account in your host country for insurance premiums, utility subscriptions (electricity, water, Internet, etc.).

  • Ask your employer about the terms of your enrollment in social protection at work. Some countries require additional health insurance.

We understand that relocation requires a lot of anticipation and energy. It’s hard to think of everything! To guide you step by step, Grospiron Mobility Solutions offers you the opportunity to participate in an installation assistance program in the destination country. Our consultants will do everything possible to help you smoothly integrate into your new living environment, from property visits to choosing your future bank.

Consult our country guide

Organize Your Move with a Professional

Setting up logistics adapted to the destination simplifies the process. A move to the United States, done by sea, will be different from a move in Europe, probably by road via a truck. You’ll need to provide various documents for transporting your belongings, which involve customs formalities. Importing certain products may be prohibited in your host country.

Initially, we recommend listing the items you want to move. This will help you determine the services you’ll need (number of boxes, types of packaging, fragile items, etc.) from your chosen moving company and ascertain the total volume to move (which will determine the technical means and cost of your move).

Next, contact several movers specialized in international mobility: you can compare quotes. Centralizing services with one provider might be a solution to reduce moving costs.

If you need comprehensive support for organizing your move abroad, Grospiron Mobility Solutions can make proposals tailored to your requirements. We adapt to your specifications. Having trouble prioritizing tasks? Unsure how to estimate the volume of items to move? We can provide you with customized solutions:

  • with a technical visit to your home;

  • packing your belongings in boxes and specific protections;

  • transferring your furniture, regardless of the destination;

  • storage solutions in warehouses in France;

  • any other service that can help you succeed in your move.

We also provide you with all the information necessary for customs formalities.

To-Do List for Organizing an International Mobility Move

To summarize and help you define the scope of your move, we’ve prepared a to-do list.

  1. Research different possible modes of transport and shipping times for your effects.

  2. Give notice for your accommodation and start canceling subscriptions (gym, library, etc.).

  3. Retrieve or return borrowed items, notify your family and friends, and discuss this project with your children well in advance (a stressful period for them).

  4. Learn about the customs formalities of the host country.

  5. Sort through furniture and personal belongings (consider selling, storing items in a warehouse, emptying your freezer, etc.).

  6. Collect and set aside the papers you’ll need upon arrival along with your travel documents (passport, etc.).

  7. Contact professional movers specialized in transporting goods to your host country and compare quotes.

  8. Make a list of banks, insurance companies, Internet providers, and check their prices to secure the best offers and subscriptions.

Are you an employee or self-employed? Have you applied for a job and been hired? Grospiron Mobility Solutions supports you in your mobility. Contact us so we can work together to create a tailor-made support proposal.