Moving well

What are the steps involved in an international move?

Une expatriation est un processus qui requiert de l’anticipation. En lui-même, le déménagement à l’étranger se déroule en plusieurs étapes. Il faut trouver des modes d’expédition adaptés, prendre en compte les délais, gérer les effets personnels qui seront à mettre en carton… bref, un déménagement nécessite une planification.

Step 1: Define your moving project

To budget and anticipate timeframes effectively, it’s important to clearly define your project. This involves creating your own specifications considering the specifics of the host country. For example:

  • Furniture and personal effects to transfer, those unable to be moved that you’ll need to sell or store in a storage facility;

  • Classifying items based on fragility (such as dishes) and volume (like cabinets, wardrobes, etc.);

  • Packaging items considering the specifics of each object or categories of objects (furniture with glass, piano, or refrigerator);

  • Estimating the total volume of furniture and other items to transfer;

  • The mode of transportation for goods: by road, by sea, or by air;

  • The period or date by which you need to be in your new residence abroad;

  • The formalities required for transferring your belongings abroad (including customs procedures);

  • The deadlines to terminate a contract or subscription at the old address and those to open one at the new address.

Each move has its particularities, which is why Grospiron Mobility Solutions can offer you personalized guidance, adhering to your specifications in the finest detail.

Step 2: Budgeting for your international move

Once the specifications are established, it’s time to request a quote from an International moving professional who will assist you from door to door. Your quote will fluctuate based on:

  • The volume you wish to move and specific packaging techniques that need to be implemented;

  • Access conditions to your residence at departure and arrival;

  • of the chosen mode of transportation, which will also determine the speed at which you will be able to have your belongings available at the destination.

  • of the insurance you may want to subscribe to ensure your belongings during the move.

  • of potential rights and taxes applicable to the importation of certain items at the destination.

  • of possibilities for VAT exemption or benefiting from duty and tax-free advantages.

  • Grospiron Mobility Solutions can advise and assist you throughout this process and help you benefit from the best offers to optimize costs.

    Step 3: Packing furniture and other personal belongings

    Packing is always a delicate step. It often requires various sizes of moving boxes, specific packaging for fragile items, and the bulkiest furniture. This involves:

    • Effectively protecting everything to minimize shocks and surprises during unpacking;

    • Quickly identifying each box upon arrival at the new home. It’s ideal to indicate the contents (books, clothes, etc.) and the destination for each box (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.).

    Grospiron Mobility Solutions can assist you in this step by offering to work with its teams of professional movers experienced in international moving techniques, providing packaging and protections tailored to your needs.

    Step 4: Cancelling contracts and subscriptions

    Cancelling various contracts and subscriptions can involve lengthy procedures. There are often specific dates to adhere to (for example, cancellation on the subscription anniversary date).

    We advise you to list each service provider and schedule each cancellation operation in your moving checklist.

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    Step 5: Transferring goods to the new address

    For transferring goods abroad, administrative procedures need to be completed. It’s also essential to adhere to the moving schedule.

    • Depending on your final destination, you may need to complete customs formalities to import personal belongings abroad.

    • Once your belongings are available for delivery, you must be able to receive the furniture on the proposed date.

    • In case your residence is not yet available, a temporary storage solution at the destination is always possible.

    Depending on the desired service level, furniture can be installed in each room of the residence, and a complete unpacking can be carried out. Grospiron Mobility Solutions can advise you on the different services to include in your move.

    Step 6: Opening new contracts and subscriptions

    To open these contracts, a bank account number (RIB), proof of residence, and identification will be necessary. Generally, all subscription procedures can be completed online. If you’ve taken the time to compare prices beforehand, you’ll simply follow the guidance on the website or mobile application of your chosen service provider.

    In case of any issues, especially locating a local bank, you can seek advice from a Grospiron Mobility Solutions consultant. We have developed a network of consultants worldwide to assist you in every step of your relocation.

    Step 7: Settling into your new residence

    Simultaneously with unloading, your furniture and boxes are placed by movers in the corresponding rooms, then unpacked, and your personal effects may be arranged based on the service you’ve selected. For greater efficiency, it’s essential to determine before delivery how you want to arrange your new home, especially the furniture layout.

    Depending on the negotiated options with the mover, your destination installation can be facilitated. Your Grospiron Mobility Solutions advisor can help you simplify your move with tailor-made services.

    Grospiron Mobility Solutions supports you in your international mobility regardless of your professional situation. Whether you’re self-employed or employed, whether you benefit from mobility assistance or finance your own move, you can contact us. Together, we’ll define your relocation based on your needs and/or your specifications.