Moving procedures

Tips for Smooth Expat Living

Moving abroad for work demands foresight and a lot of organization, especially when relocating with family. Finding accommodation in the host country, dealing with various administrative procedures, and managing the move are essential. With expertise in global relocation and moving, Grospiron Mobility Solutions supports and advises individuals and professionals in the organization and management of expatriation.

Prepare for Administrative Procedures

The main challenge is that outside the European Union, each country has its specific entry formalities. Some states require a simple work visa. Others, like Canada, have established extensive immigration programs for workers. In such cases, it’s advisable to allow several months to gather all the required documents and undergo various tests (e.g., language tests).

Other formalities include, based on family situations, enrolling children in schools. We recommend directly contacting schools, colleges, or high schools. Often, due to limited availability, specific schedules and procedures must be followed.

If your pets are accompanying you, there are procedures to undertake. This might involve specific vaccinations or considerations for quarantine. Also, think about finding suitable transportation. Thus, there are time frames to respect, and these are also costs to budget.

Scout for Suitable Housing

Finding accommodation in a country you don’t know or know very little about can often be stressful. How can you be certain of finding a suitable neighborhood? What are the rent and monthly expenses? Are the facilities suitable for your lifestyle?

To avoid disappointments, we recommend researching before making a decision.

  • Study the distances/routes between your workplace and/or your children’s schools.
  • Check public transportation plans in your host country.
  • Locate medical care facilities (medical offices and hospitals).
  • Research entertainment venues and activities (gyms, cinemas, museums, etc.).
  • Visit multiple places to compare rents and become familiar with different neighborhoods.

Consult our country guide

Request Multiple Quotes for the Move

Moving abroad should be treated as a real project. We advise creating a specifications document. This document is initially a list of your needs. Then, you can send it to several carriers to get quotes. This is the best way to budget for your move.

Several questions need to be considered.

  • Do you need transportation by land, air, or sea?
  • Are you moving all your furniture abroad, or do you need storage in France?
  • What is the nature of your furniture and other personal effects? For instance, do you need to move a piano or artworks?
  • What type of packaging will you need to ensure the safe transport of your furniture?
  • Do you need assistance in setting up your personal belongings in your new residence?
  • Do you wish to import one or more vehicles abroad?

As you can see, there are many things to consider when organizing a move. To ease your burden, alleviate stress, and save you time, Grospiron Mobility Solutions can provide you with tailored proposals for a customized move.

Benefit from Support to Organize Your Expatriation

For over 30 years, Grospiron Mobility Solutions has supported both professionals and individuals in the overall management of their expatriation. With our experience, we offer various service packages in consulting, managing moves, and all aspects of relocation. We rely on a network of consultants and partners worldwide.

Our expertise enables us to support you, no matter your destination abroad.

  • We save you time by advising on entry formalities into your host country for you, your family, and your pets. Planning to import your vehicle? We assist in obtaining a valid driving license and changing registration plates.
  • We offer assistance in your housing search. We also accompany you in visiting apartments or houses, establishing leases, and conducting entry inspections.
  • We are capable of aiding in your settlement. We can arrange an orientation day on-site to ease your integration. We help you contract essential insurances (home and health protection), open contracts for water, electricity, or Internet.
  • We provide you with all the necessary information about your children’s education and expatriate taxation.
  • We assist in obtaining quotes for your move. We can manage your move from A to Z.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions caters to employees in professional mobility as well as individuals seeking a life change. We provide proposals tailored to your needs. Whether your expatriation is covered by your employer, you receive reimbursement, an allowance for your move, or you finance it yourself, we have a solution for you. Feel free to contact our specialists.