Moving procedures

What are the steps for moving abroad?

Organizing a move abroad involves several steps. There are administrative procedures related to both the new and old accommodations. Moving furniture and personal belongings requires foresight. Decisions also need to be made. Let’s go through, point by point, the steps involved in moving.

Anticipating the move of furniture and other personal belongings

For the move, we recommend sorting through your belongings:

  • you wish to transfer abroad;
  • you want to keep in France;
  • prefer to sell or donate.

This sorting will help you anticipate your needs better and optimize your costs.

Attention, make sure to check if the items you want to move can indeed travel or are allowed at the destination.

Technical constraints related to transportation (flammable product, aerosol, etc.), customs restrictions (wine, alcohol, food, medications, protected species, etc.), or destination-specific peculiarities (difference in voltage, type of plug, etc.) should be considered.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions specialists are available to advise you.

Selling old furniture

A move is an excellent opportunity to realize that we keep objects we never use. It could be household appliances, computer equipment, as well as clothes or shoes.

Selling all this can help finance part of your move. It also means fewer things to transfer abroad, thus reducing the bill for professional movers.

Storing the furniture to keep

There are probably furniture items you won’t need in your new home. Do you have furniture with strong sentimental value that you want to find again when you return to France? The best solution is to find a secure storage facility.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions offers secure storage services in France. The storage conditions are tailored to your needs, regardless of the storage duration.

Transferring furniture abroad

Transferring furniture abroad requires planning. Do you need transportation by sea, land, or air? Perhaps you need multiple modes of transportation? It’s essential to set a schedule. We also recommend contacting exclusively professional movers specializing in international moves and members of FIDI: International Federation of International Movers. (

Grospiron Mobility Solutions can fully manage your move with:

  • a technical visit to your home;
  • a detailed quote specifying the services at departure, destination, as well as customs procedures;
  • planning of the mode(s) of shipment;
  • complete packaging of your belongings with the supply of moving boxes and special protections;
  • assistance with administrative and customs formalities;
  • customized services according to your needs.

Steps before leaving the old accommodation

If you are a tenant, find out about the notice periods for terminating your lease. It is usually one month for furnished accommodation and three months for unfurnished accommodation. However, in some cities in France in tight housing markets, it can be reduced to one month for unfurnished rentals.

In the days before your departure, you still have some steps to take.

Informing the tax authorities and organizations

Although the “Quitus Fiscal” is no longer necessary, we recommend contacting your Tax Office. Different steps will need to be taken depending on whether your tax residence is in France or abroad. In any case, you must pay taxes on all your income from French sources.

You will also need to inform other organizations of your expatriation, such as CAF, CPAM, or France Travail.

If you need assistance with these administrative procedures in France and/or in your host country, Grospiron Mobility Solutions can assist you.

Termination of contracts

Before leaving, you will need to request the termination of your subscription for electricity, internet, and your water distribution company if you are the owner. Also, consider other subscriptions, such as:

  • the gym and any other cultural venues;
  • public transportation;
  • streaming platforms, etc.;
  • your mobile plan (to cancel or adjust).

Forwarding mail

For your mail, several solutions are available:

  • ask La Poste to forward your mail to your new address;
  • ask La Poste to forward your mail to one of your relatives;
  • open a post office box in France. Your mail will be kept there.

We recommend contacting La Poste to find out their rates and conditions.

Consult our country guide

Steps to take for the new accommodation

Moving in is an important step during an expatriation. It’s even a step that’s often stressful because there are many tasks to accomplish in a country that you may not necessarily know. For example:

  • manage the arrival of furniture;
  • find a bank;
  • subscribe to home insurance;
  • take out various subscriptions: water, electricity, Internet, and mobile phone.

It is normal to need some time to get settled in. Therefore, we advise you to move in several days before starting your job. This way, you can complete all your procedures calmly.

Regarding subscriptions, the best advice we can give you is to compare before moving in. Thus, when you settle in, you will only need to contact the companies and operators you have selected. You will have the opportunity to carry out many procedures online.

If you wish, Grospiron Mobility Solutions can assist you in finding your new accommodation, choosing your insurance, various subscriptions, opening an account abroad, or finding a school for your children.

At Grospiron Mobility Solutions, we assist our clients at every stage of their mobility, worldwide. Whether you are an employee of a company, a freelancer, or a private individual undergoing a career change: we can offer you a tailor-made solution according to your situation.

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