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What are the steps to relocate to Canada with your family?

Starting a new life in Quebec or another province of Canada is the dream of many French people. Is it yours too? Whether you’re an employee of a company, in the midst of a career change, or a freelancer, Grospiron Mobility Solutions can assist you in your efforts to realize your family’s relocation project to Canada and make your dream a reality.

Canada and the French-speaking Community

Canada is a North American country that attracts French citizens for various reasons. Francophony probably tops the list. But there’s also the high employment rate, the kindness of residents towards immigrants, and the overall quality of life.

However, not all Canadian provinces are French-speaking. The most famous is Quebec, including Montreal, Quebec City, and Laval.

A few years ago, the Canadian government introduced favorable conditions for welcoming French expatriates. The goal is to promote the French language in predominantly English-speaking provinces, offering great opportunities for French families looking to start a new life in Canada.

Entry Formalities into Canadian Territory

In general, Canada favors immigration as newcomers are seen as a real economic asset, contributing to the country’s development. Skilled and/or specialized workers are given preference.

Several immigration programs are in place, based either on temporary or permanent relocation. Entry conditions to Canada vary depending on the situation.

  • Through Express Entry, for instance, a French expatriate can apply for permanent residency by registering on an online database. Points are allocated based on provided information (tests in Quebec French and English, family, degrees, specialized professions, etc.).

  • With provincial programs, companies can also apply for permanent residency.

An individual wishing to immigrate to Canada can apply for a position by responding to a job offer. If selected, they can request a work visa. However, this employment doesn’t automatically grant permanent residency. A separate application, like Express Entry, is necessary.

When immigrating as a family, each member must fill out various forms with the Canadian immigration ministry. Grospiron Mobility Solutions assists you in your relocation process, whether you’re a corporate employee on a mobility assignment or an individual looking to change your life.

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Working and Living in Canada with Your Family

The relocation process can be lengthy. It’s essential to anticipate and gather information about daily life in Canada. This applies to you, your partner, your children, and even your pets.

Finding Accommodation

Initially, renting is the best option. However, under certain conditions (permanent residency, work permit), it’s possible to buy property in Canada.

Research the neighborhoods in your future city of residence, transportation, infrastructure, and especially schools.

Children’s Education

In Canada, enrollment conditions in schools or daycare centers vary by province and city. Direct inquiries should be made to the institutions. Registering children should be planned ahead as places can be limited.

Social Welfare in Canada

A French company employee on a professional mobility assignment remains covered by their health insurance. Other family members not affiliated with the French general social security system may benefit from Canadian social welfare. However, they may need additional private insurance for comprehensive coverage.


Your companions are welcome in Canada if regulations are followed (vaccination certificate, proof of ownership, etc.). There are also specific conditions for different species. For instance, for rabbits, you need to apply for an import permit, and quarantine may be required.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions offers assistance with installation, including finding housing, schools, and handling formalities, including customs procedures. We can arrange an orientation day to help you integrate into your new environment.

Organizing a Move for an Overseas Relocation to Canada

Moving is often a dreaded step in the expatriation process and requires planning. Finding the right international mover capable of managing the entire operation from door to door is essential. Grospiron Mobility Solutions can assist you, from collecting your personal belongings in France to settling into your new home in Canada.