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Moving to Dubai: Advice for Expatriates

It’s confirmed: your new professional life awaits you in Dubai. The quality of life in this famous city in the United Arab Emirates has captivated you, and you’re joyfully thinking about your move. But also with a bit of stress, as organizing the relocation is necessary. As experts in international relocation, Grospiron Mobility Solutions advises you on successfully settling in Dubai.

Anticipating Administrative Procedures for Relocating to Dubai

Year-round pleasant climate and temperatures, dream apartments and villas, local dynamism, beaches, shopping: Dubai attracts an increasing number of expatriates each year. Moreover, the job market is flourishing, especially in the hospitality, tourism, and restaurant sectors.

There are several ways to find work in Dubai, through professional relocation or by responding to a job offer. However, it’s mandatory to have a sponsor, usually your employer. It is your sponsor who applies for the work visa on your behalf from local authorities. It’s more precisely a residence and work visa, allowing you to:

  • find accommodation;
  • obtain permits for the move, particularly upon arrival in Dubai (customs formalities);
  • get a local driver’s license, open a bank account;
  • enroll children in schools, etc.

It’s also your sponsor who manages the procedures for your family members relocating with you to obtain the appropriate visas.

We strongly recommend checking the validity of your passport. It must have a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry into the United Arab Emirates.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions can assist you with all the necessary steps to succeed in your relocation to Dubai, whether it’s customs formalities, finding accommodation, or a school for children. Through our consultants and partners worldwide, we provide assistance to expatriates for their settlement.

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Preparing for a Move to Dubai

Have you obtained all the permits to work in Dubai? You can now focus on preparing the move from France to your new address. We advise starting several months in advance to manage deadlines and costs.

  1. Sort through belongings (furniture, items, clothes, etc.) you want to take to Dubai. This can help you reduce the cost of the move.

  2. For your container to pass through customs smoothly, acquire the list of products and items prohibited by the United Arab Emirates (for example, certain medications).

  3. We advise against placing fragile products in your container (for example, cosmetic products). Instead, pack them in luggage that will travel with you.

  4. Prepare a list of personal belongings you intend to put in your container, along with their value. One copy will be required by insurance and another by customs.

  5. To select a professional mover and ensure high-quality service, ensure they are specialized in international moves, established in Dubai, and a member of the International Federation of International Movers (FIDI) and/or compliant with ISO standards.

  6. Contact various movers to obtain multiple quotes, at least 3 months before your departure. If you plan to move to Dubai during the last two weeks of August, we recommend sending your belongings at least 6 to 7 weeks prior.

  7. Carefully review each quote, paying attention to the services offered (which should be detailed) and any undisclosed fees (e.g., handling fees at loading and unloading ports).

  8. Your mover will visit your home in France to estimate the volume of your personal effects to be moved. This is the time for you to ask for advice on transporting your belongings, the type of services based on item fragility, specific procedures to undertake, etc.

  9. Ask your mover for assistance in installing furniture and boxes at your new address in Dubai. If you don’t have an address upon your container’s arrival, you can ask your mover to store your belongings in a storage facility.

  10. Gather all the administrative documents and papers for the family that you’ll need for travel, entry into the territory of the United Arab Emirates, and setting up various utilities like electricity, water, Internet, etc.

Before leaving France, ensure you are compliant with French administration, especially concerning your choice of tax residency and payment of income tax.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions can support you throughout your move to Dubai. We can propose a tailored solution to your needs, including a technical visit to your home, choice of packaging, transportation arrangements, and customs formalities. If you require storage solutions, we can also assist.

With over 30 years of experience in international moving, we have extensive expertise in long-distance moves, security, and administrative procedures. Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding your upcoming move to Dubai.