Grospiron Mobility Solutions Connect

Our digital solution for human resources
and mobile employees.

Mobility at your fingertips

We provide our customers a tool digital management system which has been developed to optimize workflow and monitoring mobility operations mobility entrusted to us: visa and immigration, move management, relocation services, etc,

This platform, accessible online, allows to bring together all the information relating to a file managed by our services, from initiation to final invoicing of the service. All stakeholders have the possibility of 24/7 access and real-time notifications of the progress of their file or the files of their collaborators via PC, tablet or Smartphone.

Nour secure system compliant with secure GDPR legislation is capable, via an API, of sharing or receiving information from another information system. In order to allow you to better understand the capabilities of our tool, our teams are at your disposal to offer you a demonstration, simply contact us, it is without any obligation!

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