International mobility in business: the need for tailor-made support

Any company established internationally must be able to offer support adapted to the needs of its mobile employees. Grospiron Mobility Solutions helps you manage the mobility of your employees around the world.

Relocation of employees of a company on international mobility

Employee mobility is one of the challenges of a company wishing to develop internationally. It is the responsibility of human resources to manage this mobility. You must be able to answer the questions and needs of staff members applying for expatriation.

The main source of stress for any internationally mobile employee is finding accommodation in a country that is often completely unknown to them. Other concerns are correlated with this search for housing. There is, in particular, the schooling of the children and all the administrative procedures to be carried out.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions offers a range of services aimed at helping mobile employees quickly integrate into their new environment.

Managing the relocation of employees

How to move furniture abroad? Can you transport your vehicle to the other side of the world? How to keep your personal belongings during your stay abroad? Here are some of the questions asked by employees who wish to carry out their activity in another country.

Why choose Grospiron Mobility Solutions as part of your overall international mobility strategy?

Grospiron Mobility Solutions has expertise based on more than 30 years of experience in the field of international mobility and moving. We know this market. Our integrated services demonstrate our ability to meet the challenges of international mobility.

Our approach is part of a desire to build a long-term partnership with our customers. We know how to meet their needs, according to their specifications.

Our support proposal is intended to be effective, simple and flexible, for optimal management of the mobility of your employees.

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