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What is relocation?

The objective of a relocation company is to facilitate the integration of a mobile person and their family into their new environment and allow them to flourish more quickly. Support of administrative tasks complex, deciphering local functioning, support for the integration of the spouse or family, everything is put in place to save time and avoid pitfalls linked to cultural differences.

Relocation refers to all the services and processes put in place to achieve this objective. It is a service that requires very specific skills and experience, great listening skills and the provision of tailor-made services. Relocation services include all the procedures inherent to mobility such as: management of the move, immigration and obtaining residence and work visas, the search for a temporary or permanent accommodation, assistance with sending children to school, intercultural training or even information about taxation in the destination country. These different services can be selected individually or assembled according to the situation and needs of employees.

The keys to successful relocation: a transition designed for you

As a relocation specialist, at Grospiron Mobility Solutions the support process begins with an in-depth assessment of the client’s specific needs and then offers them a set of services perfectly suited to their situation. Our experienced team fully understands the challenges and issues of transitioning to a new environment, and we are committed to making this experience as seamless as possible. From initial planning to employee installation, we offer a complete solution.

Our goal: to significantly reduce the stress of change by providing an attentive and professional service, adapted to the specific needs of employees, to allow them to focus on this exciting new phase of life and offer peace of mind throughout the project .

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