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Grospiron Solutions Entreprises, a subsidiary of the FG Mobility group, is a company specialising in the management and execution of company transfers.

A global player in mobility services through its various subsidiaries: Grospiron International, Grospiron Middle East, Grospiron Asia & Cosmopolitan Services Unlimited, the FG Mobility group is also involved in international moves and relocation services, in France and around the world.

We provide you with all the expertise and the skills of an ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 27001 (information security management) certified group, to deliver a high quality service and help optimise your customer experience.

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Administrative transfers

Administrative transfers, transfers of head offices, laboratories, warehouses, production units, etc.

Valuation and repurchase of movable property

The valuation / repurchase of furniture remaining on site after the transfer by a specialised auctioneer with inventory and sale on site.


The storage of all or part of your furniture / equipment in our warehouses

Valuation / repurchase of IT products

The valuation / repurchase of IT products (central units, screens, printers, servers, inverters) remaining on site after the transfer by a specialised auctioneer with inventory and sale on site.

IT transfer

The IT transfer integrating disconnection / reconnection operations for computer workstations, including servers, inverters and other distribution cabinets.

On-site sales: a strategic service

Our on-site sale/recovery service will enable you to significantly reduce the costs associated with the evacuation of your old furniture.

An auctioneer specialised in furniture, office equipment and computer equipment organises for you, at the end of the transfer, an on-site sale of all the equipment that you do not wish to move.

This service, which requires special skills in which we excel, makes our offer one of the most innovative on the market. It is also a rewarding solution for your company from a sustainable development point of view that helps to convey a positive image of your company.

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