International Moving

Tips for Moving to the United States and Succeeding in Your Expatriation

The American dream is still on the minds of many French individuals. The favorable conditions for starting a business, expanding one’s enterprise, international business relations… Success seems more achievable in the United States. Planning to relocate to the USA for work? As experts in international mobility, Grospiron Mobility Solutions informs you about what you need to know.

What are the Procedures for Working in the United States?

French citizens intending to stay in the United States for a short period (maximum 90 days) don’t require a visa. They need a valid passport and must apply for travel authorization to the United States: the ESTA.

For longer stays, there are various visas allowing entry into the United States: visas for studies, tourism, business, and work.

The work visa falls under the category requiring specific procedures. It is the primary administrative requirement. You must attach a work authorization to the application. Your employer provides this after submitting a request to US authorities. You then apply for a work visa based on your professional activity, such as:

  • an L visa for employees of an international group with the parent company or a subsidiary in the United States;

  • an E2 visa for individuals wishing to establish or purchase a business in the United States.

The work visa application is submitted to the US embassy or consulate near your residence.

Need assistance in preparing your work visa application? Grospiron Mobility Solutions advises any employee or independent professional intending to expatriate to the United States for work.

Finding Accommodation in the USA

Where to live when relocating to the United States? This question can cause stress. You have to check dozens of listings, compare rents, study neighborhoods, etc. The first step is setting a budget. You also need information about your destination city and its neighborhoods, including:

  • facilities (public transport, train stations, airports, shops, schools, etc.);
  • distance between the residence and workplace and possibly schools (a car is often essential);
  • healthcare facilities (clinics, hospitals, etc.);
  • recreational areas.

Next, submit one or more applications for the properties that caught your interest. Once your application is chosen by the landlord, a deposit will be required upon signing the lease. The lease can range from 6 months to 2 years, paid monthly.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions is capable of assisting you in finding accommodation and guiding you through the various necessary procedures to set up a lease agreement. Through a specific program for international settlement, you can get in touch with one of our consultants in the United States. You’ll receive guidance to:

  • explore the neighborhoods of your destination city;
  • visit properties;
  • prepare the rental application;
  • sign the lease agreement;
  • conduct the move-in inspection;
  • set up subscriptions for water, electricity, internet, etc.

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How to Organize a Smooth Move to the United States?

Moving to the United States requires excellent organization: meeting deadlines and budgeting costs. Here’s our checklist to help you prepare:

  1. Estimate the volume of furniture, boxes, and other personal belongings to be moved (electrical appliances are generally not advisable due to voltage issues).

    Categorize items to be moved according to types (fragile, bulky, etc.) and their value (for obtaining recommended insurances).

  2. Contact professional movers with counterparts in the United States who are knowledgeable about customs formalities.

  3. Request multiple quotes including various services (e.g., special packaging, fragile furniture moving, art pieces, etc.).

  4. Compare quotes and create a schedule with the chosen mover.

Ideally, hire a professional who can offer personalized moving services. This way, specific needs like transporting your pets and importing your vehicle can be accommodated. It’s a good way to reduce costs.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions specializes in international moves for over 30 years. We understand all the specifics involved in moving to the United States. We can assist and guide you through your move from start to finish, from the technical assessment at your home to setting up your furniture in your new US residence. We also assist with customs procedures.

Moving to the United States with Family

Are you relocating to the United States with your family? Your children and partner can benefit from specific visas related to your work visa.

Regarding your children’s education, you have options between:

  • American public schools (free);
  • American private schools (fee-based);
  • French schools (fee-based).

Some localities offer bilingual programs to facilitate children’s integration into the American educational system.

New York, Los Angeles, Miami: whatever city you choose for your US expatriation, Grospiron Mobility Solutions can assist you in finding a school. We can also provide information on enrollment procedures.

With its global network, Grospiron Mobility Solutions has extensive expertise in international mobility. Whether you’re an employee, an independent professional, responding to a job offer, receiving relocation assistance or not, you can contact us to best organize your relocation to the USA.