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Grospiron Mobility Solutions, an essential reference in the field of national and international moving and relocation, offers a complete range of highly specialized services.

With a strategic presence in several French cities such as Marseille, Toulouse, Nice, Lyon, Lille, and Paris, as well as subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Dubai, our company is capable of assisting you on a global, regional, or local level. Our commitment is to provide tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of each client, focusing on protection, reliability, and operational excellence.

We offer extensive storage facilities in Lyon, Nice, and Paris in the Île-de-France region to meet your storage needs. Our warehouses are equipped to ensure the proper preservation of your belongings, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


We are proud to offer storage services in Paris that stand out for their transparency and adaptability. Our prices are designed to provide fully customized services, precisely tailored to your specific needs. Every aspect of our pricing is transparent, allowing you to fully understand what you are paying for and the services you are receiving.

A highly specialized and comprehensive service offered by Grospiron Mobility Solutions

Precise and transparent analysis of your needs
Protect your belongings with confidence

When you choose Grospiron Mobility Solutions for your storage needs in Paris or the surrounding region, you opt for a highly specialized and comprehensive service.

Our service begins with the creation of a detailed quote, where, after taking into account your requirements, we provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs involved. To do this, our technical-sales experts visit to measure and calculate the volume (in m²) of items to be transported and/or stored, and also validate the means to be deployed for packaging and transportation. We have cartons and special packaging designed for each type of item, ensuring their optimal protection during transportation and storage.

Once the quote and planning are validated and completed, we manage all the logistical coordination of your storage, from the initial collection of your items or their delivery by you to our storage facilities. Each step of the process is meticulously organized and monitored to guarantee the protection and integrity of your material possessions. Our team is available and entirely at your service, to provide you with worry-free management throughout the process.

We are here to meet all your needs, whether short or long term, with the promise of providing you with an exceptional and unparalleled storage experience.

Grospiron Mobility Solutions offers a comprehensive range of storage services in Paris and the surrounding region, catering to the varied needs of businesses and individuals. Our facilities are equipped with video surveillance systems to ensure constant monitoring. Access to our warehouses is strictly controlled and requires a prior appointment for any handling of crates. Upon entry into storage of your belongings, a detailed packing list is provided to you, allowing you to request the provision (permanent or temporary, with or without delivery) of all or part of your belongings.

Our warehouses are designed to meet the most rigorous fire safety standards. Furthermore, our teams are trained to intervene rapidly when needed, thus ensuring unmatched protection for your belongings, regardless of the situation. Regular inspections are carried out to maintain our facilities at their best operating level, offering you total peace of mind. With Grospiron Mobility Solutions, you can be assured that your belongings are in good hands, benefiting from optimal protection against all potential risks.

We provide highly resistant packaging solutions, carefully selected and specially designed to ensure optimal protection of your belongings during storage. Our boxes and crates are chosen for their strength and reliability, ensuring maximum protection for your valuable items.

Feel free to contact us to discover how Grospiron Mobility Solutions can meet your storage needs safely and efficiently!

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