Storage unit pricing:
Understanding the cost of a storage unit

What to know about storage unit prices

Whether you’re a professional or an individual, there are multiple reasons why you might be looking for a storage unit service. Whatever your needs, a storage unit is designed to ensure optimal preservation of all stored belongings, regardless of their nature. It represents a flexible, reliable, and secure solution for the temporary storage of your personal effects between moves, the preservation of items too fragile to be moved abroad, or for belongings that you only need occasionally.

For businesses, storage space allows for the preservation of inventory, furniture, or archives, and can also be used during renovations or extended periods of absence.

How does storage unit service work?

There are two main types of storage units: traditional storage and storage boxes, whether you occupy the entire rented area or just part of it.

To help you select the type that best suits your specific needs, here’s an overview of how each of them works, along with their advantages and disadvantages:

Our global network meets your local needs

At Grospiron Mobility Solutions, we fully understand the importance of providing secure storage solutions, no matter where our clients reside. That’s why we offer traditional storage services in the Île-de-France and Rhône-Alpes regions.

Additionally, thanks to our extensive network of partners and our ability to meet the specific needs of our clients, we can store goods anywhere in France and around the world. This approach enables us to offer a comprehensive range of storage solutions, with rigorous security standards and full administrative management of entrusted belongings.

Security and organization of your personal belongings

Regardless of the intended duration of storage for your belongings, it’s essential to ensure their preservation to find them in the same condition as when initially stored. Grospiron Mobility Solutions provides its expertise in packaging to ensure optimal protection of your belongings throughout their storage.

Our specially designed storage crates are equipped with ventilation to prevent any risk of condensation and humidity and are carefully stored in our facilities. Each crate is labeled with alphanumeric indications that are recorded in our dedicated computer system, facilitating the identification of the owner of the belongings and their precise location in our warehouses. This enables us to offer quick access, whether it’s to retrieve all or part of your personal belongings.

We accompany you according to your needs

Flexible options
Professional storage unit: rates according to types

Our Flexible Options

You have the flexibility to retrieve part or all of your belongings according to your needs and to terminate your storage unit rental contract at any time.

We can provide you with a quote for the delivery of your belongings or for making them available to you for pickup by yourself.

Professional Storage Unit: Rates by Type

For a rental in a traditional storage unit with packing of your belongings into crates, you should expect a monthly billing between €6 and €8 excluding taxes per cubic meter (m3) with a minimum billing between €46 and €60 excluding taxes per crate of 8 m3.

Regarding the rental of a storage box with a specialized provider, billing is done per square meter (m2) with an equivalent in m3 that can be stored on the selected surface, to facilitate your calculations. Depending on the location of the storage center, the monthly rate, for the same service, will vary considerably. Thus, for a box allowing storage of approximately 8 m3, rates range from €90 to €200 excluding taxes.

The specialists at Grospiron Mobility Solutions are at your disposal to advise you on the best solution for your situation.

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